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Made in Japan
JA Okinawa - JA Okinawa Shekwasha Concentrate 95ml

Made with 100% freshly squeezed Okinawa Shikuwasa, a fruit with high nutritional value. It has a strong sour and refreshing taste, rich in Nobiletin, which is very beneficial to health. It is also rich in vitamins. The sweet and sour taste is popular among women. ----------------------------- ViuTV節目-恐怖醫學介紹 ViuTV program - 恐怖醫學 introduced how to prevent dementia, and one of the methods is to consume Shikuwasa. Okinawa's Shikuwasa is rich in Nobiletin, Tangeretin, Sinensetin, Hesperetin, Citric Acid, and etc. which are very beneficial to the body. According to Japanese research, the nobiletin content in Okinawa's Shikuwasa scores one of the highest among citrus fruits. Program review: ----------------------------- How to use [Recommended] Add to Shochu, Awamori, carbonated alcoholic beverages, coctails, and etc. Or add water and honey to make Shikuwasa juice according to personal preference. 100% Okinawa Shikuwasa concentrated juice 10cc Syrup 6cc Hot water 100cc 100% Okinawa Shikuwasa concentrated juice 15cc Syrup 15cc Water 70cc Ice cubes

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