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Made with Shikuwasa grown in the Katsuyama area, this product is manufactured in a factory of a local Shikuwasa grower. Okinawa's Shikuwasa is one of the most famous citrus fruits in Okinawa, it contains a great amount of Nobiletin. In mid-December in the Katsuyama area, the fully-ripe Katsuyama Shikuwasa is one of the most common fruits. Katsuyama's fully-ripe Shikuwasas are sweeter than the Aokiri Shikuwasas, and are easier to drink for those who do not like the sour taste. Katsuyama's fully-ripe Shikuwasa uses Shikuwasa harvested between December to January. Produced in the Katsuyama area, it is natural, healthy, and delicious! Freshly picked shikuwasas, along with peels, are immediately squeezed to make 100% Shikuwasa juice. Shikuwasa's unique ingredient - Nobiletin is mostly contained in the peels. ----------------------------- ViuTV節目-恐怖醫學同款香檸汁 ViuTV program - 恐怖醫學 introduced how to prevent dementia, and one of the methods is to consume Shikuwasa. Okinawa's Shikuwasa is rich in Nobiletin, Tangeretin, Sinensetin, Hesperetin, Citric Acid, and etc. which are very beneficial to the body. According to Japanese research, the nobiletin content in Okinawa's Shikuwasa scores one of the highest among citrus fruits. Recent studies have pointed out that in addition to antioxidation, blood circulation promotion, rise of blood sugar and blood pressure inhibition, UV radiation effects prevention, skin aging impovement, and whitening, it also prevents and improves cognitive impairment disease. Program review: ===========================================

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