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Made in Japan
MIKI HOUSE - First baby Shoes (10-9372-381)



MIKI HOUSE 's popular long-selling polyester mesh classic baby Shoes have been renewed!

Pure veil (antibacterial / antiviral) processed pile fabric is used for the insole and inside.


Furthermore, in 2021, MIKI HOUSE will celebrate its 50th anniversary, with the founding year "1971" embroidered on the heel and the woven name "made in japan", it has been added to the product!


Shoes that firmly support the correct walking of babies from the time they started toddlers and anyo.

Since the toes are slightly raised, it is easy for babies who are starting to walk to walk, and it First Shoes for practicing Tachi and Anyo.


The hook-and-loop fastener opens the instep belt, making it easier to put on.

Since it can be adjusted with a hook-and-loop fastener, it fits well on the feet of high-pitched babies.

Since the bottom is entirely rubber, you can use it not only indoors but also outdoors.


The baby grows fast.

Keep in mind to measure your foot size frequently, about 3 months, and always choose the best size shoes.


-Uses pile fabric with pure veil processing on the inside and insole of the shoes. It has an excellent antibacterial effect and has a deodorant effect.


  • Material : Polyester mesh
  • Quality : (Leather portion) Synthetic leather (kind of bottom material) Rubber bottom
  • Made in Japan

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^ the confirmed delivery date subject to the actual situation (including but not limited to inventory, transportation, logistics, etc.)

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