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Baby Moov - Turbo Pure 2 In 1 Bottle Sterilizer & Dryer

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  • Turbo Pure uses patented, innovative technology to guarantee the most efficient sterilising and drying cycle yet - in one easy to use streamlined unit.
    • Sterilises in 8 minutes, eliminating even the most resistant bacteria (99%), and attacks unpleasant odours and calcium build-ups from milk
    • 'Pure Drying' function to protect bottles from humidity and eliminate 99% of airborne pollutants such as dust mites, allergens, certain viruses and mould
    • 3 drying cycles in a purified environment: 30, 45 or 60 mins - this will depend on amount drying at once and time allowance
    • 2 HEPA filters: Hot air forced deep into the bottles are purified of bacteria, dust mites and other allergens via the HEPA filter
    • The 'all-in-one' buttom function is easily activated and allows you to run a complete cycle in just 38 minutes! The control panel also allows you to run the sterilisation and drying cycles independently too. Simply select the cycle you want.
    • Practical storage unit within a purified environment for 24 hours
    • Universal with removable steam arms for baby bottles, breast pumps, tableware, plastic toys etc
    • With limescale build-up alert, automatic cut-off and LCD control screen with tactile buttons
    • The HEPA filter can be easily changed every 6 months
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