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Sale 6X Points Perfect for side and back sleepers Made in Denmark
Tempur - Symphony Pillow

  • TEMPUR - Only mattress, pillow and pressure-relieving material recognized by NASA and certified by The Space Foundation.
  • TEMPUR Material features. Maximised pressure relief - Pressure-relieving surface engineered with an open cell structure that absorbs and evenly distributes your body, head, neck and shoulders weight.
  • Personalised body support - TEMPUR material responds to your body temperature. It is to be in the ideal state to soften, compress and conform to your head, neck and shoulders shape and weight to provide support and pressure relieve.
  • Made in Denmark

Symphony Pillow

Symphony Pillow features a two-in-one design. One side allows the shoulder to fit below the pillow, making it comfortable when sleeping on your side, while the other side is gently arched to support your head and neck when sleeping on your back.

Perfect for side and back sleepers

Size : Medium  (61 x 31 x 10/7 cm)

Size : Large      (61 x 31 x 10/7 cm)


Due to reasons of hygenic, all goods sold are non-exchanable and non-refundable

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