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Best For Soup Making
Cleansui - Mitsubishi JP407-D WASHOKU 2.2L Pitcher

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  • Best for soup making
  • Hollow fibre microfiltration membrane remove particles as small as 0.1 micrometer, including bacteria, algae, cysts, metal particles such as rust or lead and other contaminants
  • 5 level filtration to remove 13+2 substances such as soluble lead, CAT (agricultural chemicals) and trihalomethanes, while leaving minerals intact, delivering clean drinking water
  • Filtered alkaline water
  • BPA free
  • Filter 1.1L, Capacity 2.1L
In 1984, Cleansui first introduced household water purifier that used hollow fiber membrane filters. Since then, Cleansui has continued to enhance filtration performance and functionality, manufacturing high-performance, high-quality products and responding to consumer expectations worldwide, leading to high acclaim. Cleansui will continue to work hard to grow into a top global brand. Cleansui promises to provide you a glass of tasty and clear water wherever you are, whenever you want.
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