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Sugi Bee Garden - MG4P Juice Honey (Blueberry, Yuzu, Mango, Kyoho) Gift Set (300g x 4pcs)


Fruit juice combined with honey creates a more healthy beverage. The refreshing sour-sweetness has been widely supported by the elderly and kids.

•Blueberry & Honey 300g x 1
•Yuzu & Honey 300g x 1
•Mango & Honey 300g x 1
•Kyoho & Honey 300g x 1

Fruit Juice Infused Honey Hints & Recipes
• As a refreshing drink: dilute them with water in a 1:5 ratio.
• Mix vodka or gin with them for a delicious cocktail.
• Pour over yogurt or ice cream.
• Use as an ingredient for jellies and sherbets.
• Use as fruit source on bread or pancakes.

Rich, nutritive honey has been blended with fresh fruit juice, so effective for beauty and health.
Select the one that suits you best from our broad selection of flavors and aromas!

*Pure honey might crystalize depending on its type of flower and the temperature of storage. The phenomenon does not affect the quality. The white crystal is also enjoyable. Please be at ease and enjoy the natural flavor. If you prefer to taste smooth honey, please take the amount needed and water-bath it in 40-42 degree hot water.
*The actual product might have a different color from the product photo. Label design might change but content remains the same.
*Honey is a natural product. Please do not feed to infants below 1 year old.

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