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Swissnatürlich - Aloe Vera Camomile Cream Bath (3pcs)

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  • Camomile extracts possess multiple skin care functions include: Anti-inflammatory, skin repair, bactericidal, anti-itching, soothing, and antiseptic
  • Aloe extracts are excellent for treating dry and sensitive skin, as well as sun burns, insect bites and skin irritations
  • Non-greasy, neutral pH and soap free
  • Dermatological tested. Suitable for dry to sensitive skin and 1 year-old or above
Marked with the BDIH Seal, Swissnatürlich restricts the choice of ingredients only to BDIH certified organic and natural plants such as plant oils, fats, waxes, herbal extracts, essential oils and aromatic materials from certified organic or wild harvested plants, with no petrochemicals, preservatives and SLS. Our Green Signature represents what we believe in and cherish. The four-leaf clover symbol signifies the key four values of Swissnatürlich: Faith, Hope, Love and Purity.
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