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Bebefood - Elderrberry Juice (10 Packs)

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  • "Super Fruit" Elderberry-rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, anthocyanins, etc.
  • Elderberry that can be consumed directly-100% elderberry juice is concentrated, with simple ingredients, no sugar (sucrose), no preservatives, no artificial flavors and colorings, suitable for children to drink, just like ordinary juice.
  • Strictly selected Korean pears-pears are added to increase the sweetness! Health increased by X2 times.
  • Simple packaging-a (packaging bag) that is convenient for children to grasp (hold), and it is easy to drink even without a straw.
  • Comply with HACCP safe food-through HACCP certification, strict control on hygiene and quality, peace of mind and health
  • Elderberry berry effects:Relieve colds, colds, coughs and tracheal infections / Effectively enhance immunity and resistance
  • Rich in vitamin B1, it can reduce brain fatigue, enhance memory, increase physical strength, and relieve muscle aches
  • Rich in vitamins B2 and B6, promote cell regeneration, maintain skin health, and eliminate oral inflammation
  • Suitable for 10 months or above

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