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THE HISTORY OF WHOO - Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Concentrate Set (12th Anniversary Collector’s Edition)

To receive a complimentary Royal Essential Beauty Kit (worth: $1,138) upon purchase of The history of Whoo products at $1,700.

To receive a complimentary Royal Illuminating Beauty Kit (worth: $2,448) upon purchase of The history of Whoo products at $3,000.

One set for each transaction.

  • Bichup Self-Generating Anti-Aging Concentrate 90ml & 8ml
  • Bichup First Moisture Anti-Aging Concentrate 8ml
  • Bichup Ja Yoon Cream 8ml
  • Bichup Moisture Anti-Aging Mask 5pcs
  • Cheongidan Radiant Rejuvenating Balancer 25ml
  • Cheongidan Radiant Rejuvenating Emulsion 25ml
  • Cheongidan Ultimate Lifting Ampoule Concentrate 8ml
  • Cheongidan Radiant Cleansing Foam 50ml
The history of Whoo recreates the invaluable beauty of empress shrouded in mystery with esoteric court formulas that were passed over eras and now reinterpreted by modern technology based on its oriental medicine in harmony.
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