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POLA - B.A Luxurious Anti-Aging Beauty Set

  • B.A6 Cleansing Cream 130g
  • B.A6 Wash 100g
  • B.A6 Lotion 120ml
  • B.A6 Cream 30g
  • B.A6 Milk 80ml
  • B.A Eye Zone Cream 2g
  • B.A6 Wash 9g
  • V Resonatic Cream 3g
  • B.A6 Lotion 8ml
  • B.A6 Milk 8ml
  • BA Serum Revup 4ml
  • B.A Serum Prislumina 4ml
  • B.A Deep Clearizer 9g
  • B.A Light Selector SPF50/PA++++ 9g
  • B.A Grandluxe III 6g x 2
  • B.A6 Cream 3g x 2
POLA, the luxurious beauty brand, origins with a long history from Japan since 1929. With "Science. Art. Love" as the brand philosophy. POLA aims to be the brand with the deepest understanding of skin, creating the most effective premium anti-aging skin care products. Unleash your potentials, takes the true beauty one step forward.
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