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APIVITA - Deep Exfoliation & Intensive Moisturizing Mask Set

  • Express Beauty Face Scrub Olive Deep Exfoliation 8ml x 12 packs
  • Express Beauty Face Mask Aloe Moisturizing and Refreshing 8ml x 12 packs
  • Express Beauty Face Mask Grape Line Smoothing and Firming 8ml x 2 packs
  • Express Beauty Face Mask Sea Lavender Moisturizing and Anti-Pollution 8ml x 2 packs
  • Cleansing Foam Face & Eyes with Olive & Lavender 20ml x 1 pc
  • Gentle Daily Shampoo with German Chamomile & Honey 20ml x 1 pc
NATURAL BEAUTY CARE BORN OF BEES IN GREEK NATURE, RAISED BY SCIENCE Founded in Athens in 1979 by two pharmacists, APIVITA (which means “life of the bee”) offers effective natural beauty products for the face, body and hair. Our formulas harness the power of Greek nature with key ingredients derived from value-added bee products and medicinal plants, enhanced by cutting edge green cosmetology. OUR 4 PILLARS OF INNOVATION WE CAPTURE the proven protecting, healing and rejuvenating properties of pure bee products. WE EXPRESS the infinite resilience of the unique Greek biodiversity. WE MASTER the art of traceable, sustainable and clean active formulations. WE OFFER effective natural beauty products to the world.
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