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Maxell - MXAP-HEP200 Air Purifier


  • 5-Step filter - Effectively filter harmful dust particles, formaldehyde, bacteria and allergens in the floating air to protect the health of the home.
  • Dual Antibacterial Mechanism
  • Extreme strong CADR up to 450m3/h capable to purify an 580ft² space in 18 minutes. (Calculated based on the space height of 2.5 meters)
  • Air-change ability up to approx. 6 times in 330ft² space
  • 99.99% PM2.5/PM0.3 filtration, 99.99%※ Bacteria filtration & Up to 98.75%※ block rate against allergens
  • Suggested usage area: 330 - 580ft².
  • Cold-Catalyst + Active-carbon decomposes harmful gases such as formaldehyde and adsorb the source of odors.
  • HEPA (H13) + Antibacterial Fiber effectively prevent growth of bacteria on the filter.
  • 20 millions* negative ions emission per cm³, helps to decompose bacteria and deodorize (remote control).
  • Built-in UV chamber can reduce the growth of bacteria inside the air purifier (remote control).
  • Air Humidifying Protection function.
  • Air quality (PM2.5) real-time display.
  • 26dB extreme quiet operation sound.
  • Air volume intensity : 1 ~ 8.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Energy saving and ecofriendly.

*The above data are the test results obtained by certified third-party laboratories in accordance with several international and Chinese national standards.

*The above indoor air exchange is a theoretical value calculated based on 450m³/h CARD(PM2.5/PM0.3) and a 330ft² space with 2.5m height, may vary subject to different actual usage environments.

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