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Gigo - Structural Engineering Bridges & Skycrapers

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  • 20 experiments plus 5 more challenge experiments to demonstrate a basic principle of mechanical physics or structural engineering.
  • Learn about basic structural elements including columns, beams, trusses, plates, arches, shells, and catenaries.
  • Explore the forces acting on structural components including tension, compression, shear, and torsion.
  • Experiment with different types of bridge construction: a truss bridge, arch bridge, suspension bridge, and cable-stayed bridge.
  • This is a real learning kit where you can try and experiment with all the key classic aspects of structural engineering.
  • How can a bridge stay upright and carry a lot of weight? How do you construct a sky-scraper so it can survive a thunderstorm or an earthquake?
  • With this kit you can build more than 20 model experiments and try out how you can improve constructions to become stronger and able to carry more and more weight without collapsing.
  • Build a cable stayed bridge, a truss bridge, an arch bridge, a beam bridge, a suspension bridge, a cantilever bridge and many more. Learn the basics of structural engineering and make great models you can test and play with.

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