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SISLEY - Buff & Wash Facial Gel Set

  • Buff & Wash Facial Gel 100ml
  • Floral Toning Lotion 30ml
  • Floral Toning Lotion 30ml
  • Black Rose Cream Mask 10ml
  • Radiant Glow Express Mask with Red Clays Intensive Formula 10ml
  • Ecological Compound 10ml
Launched in 1976 by Hubert and Isabelle d’Ornano, Sisley is a prestigious French skincare brand and a pioneer in Phyto-Cosmetology. Drawing inspiration from the very heart of the plant, Sisley combines an understanding of plants, their composition and effects with an understanding of the skin and its mechanisms, and develops highly effective products based on plants’ vital energy, their capacity for regeneration and adaptation, their protection systems, and their fragrances. Each formula takes years to research the best dosages and combinations of the active ingredients, ensuring the highest effectiveness and the most pleasant sensory experience.
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